Chemical Injection & Sampling Systems

Injection & Sampling.png

The injection of chemical treatments and sampling of process fluids are two major requirements for any corrosion control system.  Whilst many of these systems can only be serviced and maintained during shutdown conditions Axess provides a range of high and low pressure injection and sampling systems which can be serviced safely online at pressures up to 6,000 PSI / 413 Bar and temperatures up to 232°C / 450°F.


Retrieval tools and some spare parts are common with the corrosion monitoring equipment using the same access system.  Costs can therefore be reduced.

Access fittings normally incorporate a side tee as standard for injection and sampling applications, as they allow the insert assembly to be serviced without dismantling the chemical injection feeder line.  The tee can be either NPT thread, a welded plain nipple (Nipolet) or welded flange.  Threaded tees are not always acceptable in sour service.  Tee fittings are available in all mounting styles: flareweld, buttweld and flanged as well as mechanical and hydraulic variants.  The inclusion of the tee often increases the fitting height which must be considered when selecting the injection/sampling accessories, for full details of the product code system for access fittings please consult an Axess Expert.


Please see Axess datasheet or consult an Axess Expert for more information.