Direct (Non-Tee) Injection

direct inj.png

Axess Chemical Injection Systems

Precise, reliable injection of chemical treatments is crucial for any corrosion control system.  Whilst many injection devices can only be serviced and maintained during shutdown conditions Axess provides a range of high and low pressure injection systems which can be serviced safely online at pressures up to 6,000 PSI / 413 Bar and temperatures up to 232°C / 450°F.


Retrievable injection systems typically utilize a 2” high pressure access fitting with integral side tee in a range of configurations including NPT, welded and flanged (see separate Axess datasheets).


The Axess Direct Injection system provides an alternate solution allowing the use of non-tee fittings whilst still maintaining the safety, reliability, and online servicing capability of our tee’d systems including secondary isolation with pressure retaining cover.  These fittings provide the flexibility to repurpose existing monitoring fittings or allow installation of new injection points at critical locations where space may be restricted.


​Key Features:

  • High pressure access fitting

  • Direct injection hollow plug with integral double check valve and nut

  • Injection device (quill, nozzle)

  • Direct injection adapter

  • Heavy duty pressure retaining cover (up to 6,000 PSI / 413 Bar)

  • Retrieval tool and service valve (see separate brochure and data sheet) 

Please see Axess datasheet or consult an Axess Expert for more information.