AXER (Electrical Resistance) Corrosion Probes

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                            Flush                       Cylindrical                   Strip Flush               Wire Loop

Early detection of changes in corrosion is key to implementing and optimizing a robust corrosion control program.  The Axess range of ER probes and instrumentation provides a highly sensitive method of detecting corrosion and erosion events by monitoring small changes in the electrical resistance of a metal element directly exposed to the process.


The use of ER (electrical resistance) probes is a proven, established industry technique which operates on the principle that the electrical resistance of a metal element will increase as the cross-sectional area decreases due to corrosion or erosion.  Axess ER probes utilize a second element, called the reference element.  Manufactured from the same material as the measurement element, the reference element is stored inside the body of the probe, where it is shielded from the process and used to auto-compensate for changes in electrical resistance due to other factors such as temperature.


Unlike some other technologies, Axess ER probes operate independently of the process properties and can therefore be used in almost any environment.

Key Features 

  • Multiple Mounting Options (High and Low Pressure)

  • Ideal for High Pressure 6K PSI and High Temperature Applications

  • Shields available for High Velocity Flow

  • Flush Probe Element available for Bottom of the Line/Pig-able Lines

  • Cylindrical, Wire Loop, and Flush elements available in any materials required and different Probe Spans to suit