Kamikaze Sand Erosion Probe


The ‘Kamikaze’ sand erosion probe is designed to monitor erosion in flowlines. Impingement effects of sand or other abrasive materials on interior surfaces can lead to rapid and severe internal pipe wall metal loss. Pipe bends or reduced diameter sections are most prone to erosion effects.


The sensing element of the ‘Kamikaze’ probe is a sacrificial tube. The tube is closed at one end and threaded at the other end to mate with multiple use injection/sampling/sand probe nut. The nut enables the sand probe to be attached to a solid plug installed within a 2” access fitting. 


Sand or abrasives eventually erodes the sacrificial tube exposing the sealed system to operating pressures. The pressure is directed through ports in the sand probe nut to the side tee portion of the access fitting and can be connected through valves to a remote alarm.


The standard tube is 3/8” OD and is available in three thicknesses; .016”, .028” and .035”


The location of sand monitoring points is critical to effective integrity management. Experience has shown that the most erosion occurs immediately downstream of every change of flow direction, especially on the outside of a turn. Sand normally returns to the approximate middle of the flow stream about twenty pipe diameters downstream of each turn. Additionally, changes of direction which occur after a long straight run tend to experience more severe erosion rates.

Please see Axess datasheet or consult an Axess Expert for more information.